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How to change Google Homepage Background

Google last year announced and discontinued the feature to customize Google page background. This feature allowed users to change Google Homepage background with any images on computer or web. Lately, one of our readers has asked us on “Is there any way that I can change Google Homepage Background." Though the feature is removed from Google but there are some alternative to change Google’s homepage background without any trouble. If you to miss the feature of customizing Google homepage background, then follow the below alternative guide to change your Google homepage.

With Custom Google Background chrome addon, you can now customize the look of Google home page where in you can change the background with any image from your computer or web. Moreover, you can also remove the Google logo, search and lucky buttons, footer, and promotional links from the Google search page.

Change Google Homepage Background

1. Install Custom Google Background chrome addon on Google Chrome browser.

Custom Google Background chrome

2. Once it’s installed, you will see a new tab popping. You can now select image from your computer or paste image URL or search image from the web.

Google Homepage Background

3. Once the image is loaded from computer or from the web, select the image that you want as Google’s homepage background.

Now open Google homepage and you will see a customized Google Homepage.

change Google Homepage Background

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  1. hi roshan , nice info .. I have one query .. How can we do this with firefox browser ?

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