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Backup and Restore Firefox Profile Manually

Backup Firefox Profile

Firefox web browser supports user profiles that store bookmarks, history, passwords, extensions, and other personal settings. With the help of User Profiles on the web browser, it allows multiple users to use the same browser while maintaining the privacy and ...

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Top 10 Best Firefox Add-On for 2011

Firefox is one of the best browser because of its loads of extension available to enhance the functionality of browser. Firefox was the first who started the ADD-On feature, This add-on made browser more user friendly and customizable which directly ...

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How to Backup Firefox Bookmarks

Backup Firefox Bookmarks

Today, Firefox is one of the most widely used web browser and browsing  web without Bookmark may be a bit difficult since most people bookmarks their favorite sites in Firefox. Bookmark is an easy way of storing the website addresses. ...

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Check Multiple Gmail Account on Firefox

Firefox Gmail Addons

Update: This Add-On has been discontinued and not available on Mozilla Add-ons Page. Google’s e-mail service Gmail is the most popular and widely used service by many people. Many people like me create more than one Gmail IDs. However, Login ...

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