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A Step by Step guide to make thing easy with detailed tutorials explanation to help you do more with your software and tools.

The Perks of Writing a Guest Post

One of the reasons why people take up writing a guest post is because it is regarded as one of the best ways to successfully divert traffic to a business website. The Search Engine Optimization (SEO) field has undergone a ...

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How to Perform Print Screen in Mac OS X

If you’re new to MAC Computer, you might have wondered about missing Print Screen key on Mac Keyboard. Most of our newbie readers often been asking us about “How to do Print Screen in Mac OS X since there is ...

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How to Download Your Facebook Data

We all make collection of Images, Songs, Movies, etc. which we get from our friends. Have you ever thought to collect all of your Facebook data in a file just like any other collection? You might be thinking how it ...

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How To Add Images On Your Facebook Chat With Smileytime

In today’s generation, almost the whole world is on Facebook. Old Saying: Basic Necessities of a Man “Food, Clothing, Shelter” New Saying: Basic Necessities of a Man “Food, Clothing, Shelter and Facebook” 😛 :P. Facebook is used for various purposes ...

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