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Skype might support 3D Video Calling in Future

Skype might support 3D Video Calling in Future

Skype has confirmed that they are working and developing on 3D video calling feature on Skype. This feature will allow the user to have a three-dimensional video call on Skype. However, due to current technology constraint its impossible to have 3D video call feature so early.

Skype revealed about its 3D video call project while celebrating Skype’s 10th anniversary. In an interview with BBC, Microsoft’s Skype vice president Mark Gillett said that “the popular video chat and instant-messaging app has the potential to support 3D conversations in the future; we’ve done work in the labs looking at the capability of 3D screens and 3D capture. We’ve seen a lot of progress. But the capture devices are not yet there. As we work with that kind of technology, you have to add multiple cameras to your computer, precisely calibrate them, and point them at the right angle.”

Though Skype might take years to bring 3D video feature, but we believe that the probability of using the 3D video calling are likely to be used by the users seeing to the current demand and interest in 3D content. BBC itself has ditched its 3D channels because of poor user demand. Even Disney’s ESPN has also announced the closure of 3D cable in the US, and might resume in the future as and when 3D becomes more demanding.

In BBC interview, Gillett says that Skype is also looking forward to bring practical improvement in video calling resolution. Skype will offer 1080p resolution video calls to hardware beyond the upcoming Xbox One console.

What do you think about Skype 3D video call, will it be useful?

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