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Add Background Image To Folder in Windows XP


When you open the drive or folder, you see the usual white background in your window explorer. Even though you change your theme, your window explorer background remains the same. Using the below trick, you can now add or change ...

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Delete Undeletable Files In Windows XP

Delete Files using Command Prompt Windows XP

While deleting files, you often may have come across, “Error in deleting files.” This error is basically saying that “The file or folder you are deleting is being used.”  Usually, you don’t know why this error shows even though you ...

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Top Selected Useful Run Command for Windows 10

Useful Run Command for Windows 10

Run commands are used to directly open an application or document whose path is known by the system. Run Command is the quickest way to launch programs or open folders or documents. Suppose you want to uninstall an application; for ...

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