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What is Dropbox and How does it works?

Dropbox has gained huge popularity within a short period of time on the internet, but what making it so popular among people. According to Sources, Dropbox has received a total capital funding of $7.2 million. According to Speculation, Dropbox’s total valuation comes to more than $1 billion. According to TechCrunch, VentureBeat, Business Insider and Financial Post, Dropbox revenue is expected as high as $7 to $12 billion. Dropbox is considered as Top 5 Most Admired Tech Companies. As of October 2011, Dropbox has more than 50 million users.

What is Dropbox?

Although Dropbox been on the internet for a long time, but still we receive mails and comments asking about Dropbox like “What is Dropbox and how it can be helpful”. However, it’s been a long-time since Dropbox been on the internet and most of you might already know what is Dropbox. However, I guess most of the newbie might still not be aware about Dropbox.

Dropbox is an online backup facility which stores your data on server using Cloud Storage so that you can share the files with other using file synchronization. The concept of Dropbox is that you can simply access your files anywhere and can be shared with others. The best part of Dropbox is its synchronization, Any files you save to Dropbox will also instantly reflect the same in your computers, Phones, iPad and Dropbox Websites.

The below video is official Dropbox video which very self-explanatory, Would make you understand about Dropbox easily.


How it Works?

1. First Create an Account on Dropbox here.

2. You may be prompted to download Dropbox, Download and Install Dropbox. ( While Installing, it may create a Dropbox folder on your system)

3. Once the account is set up, upload files to Dropbox. You can upload files using Dropbox website or from computer, for e.g. To copy files on Dropbox using Dropbox on Computer, simply copy the file to Dropbox folder and will reflect the in your Dropbox of the website. In case you install Dropbox on an iPhone, any changes made on the iPhone Dropbox folder will reflect the same on both Dropbox websites as well as on your computer.

What is Dropbox and How it works

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  1. You can get up to 18 gig’s just by inviting people, i’ve just bought my invites on fiverr, very helpfull lol.

  2. I heard lot about dropbox but never understood about its feature. I created my own dropbox and i think this is great. Thanks for explaining was helpful

  3. Dropbox is cool and its a safe way to have backup of data and sharing those with other where you are..

  4. Is it safe to have personal data on dropbox??

  5. If I set up an account and put files in and invite another to join that folder..does it use up their account space or mine?
    One of my invited sharees deleted loads of the folders claiming they were using up HIS space..ihow does this work?

  6. If I use dropbox for the quickbook pro 2013 for bookkeeping , is it possible to update the quickbook with data at any pc with the dropbox password

  7. Rebecca J Garza

    I don’t seem to sound naïve, but once I upload photos to my Dropbox, can I delete these from the device and still have them saved on Dropbox.?

    • Yes, you can delete from your device and it will not be deleted from Dropbox. However, if you want to delete from dropbox then login to dropbox website and delete.

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