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MobileMe: Software to Nab Criminals

One woman from Texas is contributing technology for nabbing a suspected robber by simply using her iPad. No matter if you have an iPad or iPhone, both are extensions of one another and can be turned in to the other ...

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Google+, the latest buzz in social media marketing

The hottest news in social media marketing is undoubtedly Google+ which has been launched on 28th June, 2011. Google+ connecting on the internet is like connecting in the original world. You can share your views, thoughts, ideas, photos and links ...

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Best Phones for the Techie in Your Life

If there’s one thing that all techies are in love with right now, it’s the smartphone. The devices are evolving with the same rapidity that computers once did, and their potential applications are expanding every day. Knowing all of this, ...

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Bringing The Magic Of The Movies Home

We love movies because they take us to places that are entirely out of this world. They create entire universes where people can fly, move faster than the speed of light and communicate via sleek little devices. The only thing ...

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This Holiday Season with Kindle Fire

The holiday shopping season has been the most successful on record—and for Amazon, their new Kindles have driven a good portion of their gift sales. The new devices—the Kindle, Kindle Touch and full-color Kindle Fire—offer users more than just a ...

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The Cloud revolutionizes Online Education

The old days of carrying a USB stick everywhere you go are gone: cloud computing is making USB drives a thing of the past. As mobile computing becomes more popular, people need the ability to access and exchange data from ...

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