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Benefits of Using BlackBerry for Business

BlackBerry has long been the leader in smartphone security features. With the popularity of other smartphone devices, the BlackBerry, and all of its security options, can often be overlooked.

Why is BlackBerry so popular among business professionals?


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BlackBerry is popular in the business world for many reasons. It’s a great phone with wonderful features like email, Internet access and most importantly, security. In the corporate world, there can never be too many security precautions taken. With sensitive information going out into the Internet, business owners need to make sure their proprietary information is safe and protected. BlackBerry can offer the security business owners need.

Employees and Business Information


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Nowadays, many companies offer employees some kind of smartphone plan or service. Within many corporations, employees are asking to use their smartphone for business and personal purposes. Using a phone for business and personal functions is often called “BYOD” -  bring your own device. This makes sense, as an employee wants to simplify life by having one device for both work and play. However, using a smartphone for personal reasons can often pose security concerns for business owners, especially if the employee downloads apps or other personal tools.

Research In Motion (RIM)

One of the benefits of using BlackBerry in business is the plethora of services offered by RIM. Research in Motion develops tools that provide business owners with the peace of mind necessary when employees use a personal phone as a business phone. Some of the features provided by RIM include:

  • Protection of company data
  • Safe and secure company networks
  • Easy-to-use end-user experience
  • Secure transmission of sensitive data over the Internet

Of course, RIM is not perfect, but compared to some of the other services available on the market, BlackBerry keeps the busy business professional in mind when it comes to security services.

Using BlackBerry with Apps


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Because BlackBerry devices are secure, using a smartphone for both business and personal use makes it easier to download apps to the phone. Many people use apps to make life simple, such as apps for shopping lists, reminders, games and even business processes. One of the benefits of a smartphone is the ability to download apps. The BlackBerry offers the option of putting automatic and manual controls on the phone to prevent installing apps that may be harmful to the smartphone or to business data. It’s also possible to limit app access, such as access to personnel contact information.

Setting Up User Controls

Ultimately, the security of business data is the company’s responsibility. While a BlackBerry offers many security features and options, no one device is perfect. That’s where a company smartphone policy comes into play, especially if the company offers “BYOD.” Some items to include on a company-wide smartphone policy may include:

  • Types of apps that can be downloaded.
  • Employees who can access the corporate network with a personal device
  • How many platforms and types of devices your organization allows
  • Security measures and IT policies that will be enforced on employee-owned smartphones

The integrity of BlackBerry security features and its ever-expanding tools are what has earned BlackBerry such a strong reputation in the business world.

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